LabLabee Secures €1.4 Million To Revolutionize Telco Cloud Training

Pre-seed funding round of €1.4 million has been successfully secured by Lyon-based LabLabee, a pioneering hands-on labs platform.

The goal of the investment is to further LabLabee’s purpose of democratizing Telco Cloud training. Brighteye Ventures, a well-known Edtech VC fund in Europe, is leading the investment. The business division of e&, formerly known as Etisalat Group, along with Accel Capital and Kima Ventures are among the other significant funders of the project. A number of prominent business figures also took part in the round, including Tambi Jalouqa, CEO of Propeller, Anne Travares, Executive of Telco Cloud Director of Nokia, Patrice Nivaggioli, the Global Service Provider Innovation Lead at Cisco, and Sebastein Pahl, the co-founder of Docker.

LabLabee, an innovative upskilling platform, was co-founded by Mahfoud Sidi Ali Mebarek and Samir Tahraoui with the vision of integrating hands-on training seamlessly into the curricula of industrial businesses, training centers, and telco operators. Their pioneering approach involves providing hardware-free Telco Cloud research facilities, revolutionizing the way students learn while also significantly reducing training costs. This strategic initiative aligns perfectly with the ongoing transition of the industry towards cloud-based solutions, positioning LabLabee as a key player in shaping the future of telecommunications training and innovation.

To effectively provide comprehensive lab solutions, LabLabee has established collaborations with eight official global partners, including TIP Academy and Setelia. Prominent business and academic establishments like Orange France, Togocom, and INSA Lyon have already adopted LabLabee’s platform. With 13 labs and 156 challenges that cover a wide range of Telco Cloud technologies, including OpenRAN, SDN, Openstack, and 5G, LabLabee hopes to improve its platform’s speed, delivery, and user experience with the additional funding. The business also intends to build new labs with an emphasis on the latest innovations including Edge Computing, Network Slicing, and the growing internet.

Samir Tahraoui, the CEO and co-founder of LabLabee, envisions a future where telecom networks are open, elastic, and scalable. He emphasizes the pivotal role of LabLabee in paving the way for this transformative phase in the industry. With its immersive virtual hands-on platform, LabLabee is not only preparing the industry for the forthcoming changes but also revolutionizing the training landscape. Tahraoui draws parallels between the adaptability and accessibility offered by web technology and the innovative approach of LabLabee, indicating a shift towards a more dynamic and inclusive learning environment within the telecommunications sector. Through its forward-thinking strategies, LabLabee aims to empower professionals and organizations to thrive in an era of rapid technological advancement and digital transformation.

Brighteye Ventures Principal David Guérin emphasizes how urgently the telecom cloud business needs to change. The sector has evolved quickly but training approaches have not kept up. Guérin is confident that LabLabee can close this talent gap by helping telco engineers retrain, upskill, and acquire new skills in a more effective and economical manner.

Now that the funding has been obtained, LabLabee is prepared to grow. The business intends to grow its workforce by encouraging ingenuity and inventiveness to meet market obstacles head-on. LabLabee hopes to transform Telco Cloud training with its dedication to accessibility and innovation, opening the door for a more diverse and competent workforce in the telecom industry.

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